Sistema purificazione

secondo la normativa EPA 8640A

Smartline Preparative Pump 1800 Smartline valve drive 6 with 6-port multiposition valve head Colonna VP in vetro 450 x 10 mm riempita di Resina Polimenrica per impaccamento colonne Stirene /Divinilbenzene 200-400 Mesh

ll sistema costituito dalla pompa Smartline 1800, valvola multifunzione e colonna riempita di resina polimerica stirene dvb soddisfa i criteri imposti dalla norma EPA 8640A. Il rivelatore utilizzato è un Waters 486.

The Preparative Pump 1800 delivers stable and precise solvent flow for semi-preparative
as well as preparative HPLC applications. By adding one or more additional pumps, binary,
ternary or even quaternary high-pressure gradient systems can be easily configured. The
pump can also be equipped with a binary or ternary gradient valve block to configure
cost-effective low-pressure gradient systems

The Waters 486 tunable absorbance detector is a single-Channel tunable ultraviolet/visible (UV/VIS) detector designed for high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) applications. The waters 486 can operate as a stand-alone unit (with a chart recorder) or with other Waters system modules, such as the Waters 860 Networking Computer System, or the Water 745/745B or 746 integrators